God And My Girlfriends

Dancing In The Kitchen -w/Debbie Cunningham

May 31, 2021 Marcia Ramirez/Debbie Cunningham Season 1 Episode 6
God And My Girlfriends
Dancing In The Kitchen -w/Debbie Cunningham
Show Notes

Debbie Cunningham is a recording artist, author and speaker. She is known as a powerful and engaging entertainer. Her musical styling of jazz is soulful and sultry, yet elegant and sophisticated.  She has recorded two albums; the first, a Jazz standards album entitled-The Rest of Your Life. The 2nd, an all-original jazz album entitled- A Million Kisses; with songs about the journey & celebration of committed love; also reflected in her brand new book - Dancing in the Kitchen: Hope and Help for Staying in Love. In it Cunningham shares stories behind the songs on the album, lessons from her 30 years of marriage and interviews from couples that have learned how to build lasting love in marriage and recapture the lightheartedness they once knew. 

Debbie lives in Franklin, TN with her husband, Derek. She spends her time performing with her pianist or jazz quartet, speaking about building lasting love, and performance coaching.

For more information about Debbie's music and book: www.debbiecunningham.net

For a free chapter of her audio book, "Dancing In The Kitchen" go to: www.debbiecunningham.net/audiobook

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