God And My Girlfriends

Declutter your Digital Life -- w/Irene Williams

June 14, 2021 Marcia Ramirez/Irene Williams Season 1 Episode 8
God And My Girlfriends
Declutter your Digital Life -- w/Irene Williams
Show Notes

Want to learn how to declutter your life... including your digital life?  Then join us this week as Marcia talks with business owner and digital marketing expert, Irene Williams.

"Over 10,000 phone photos, four email accounts with tens of thousands of messages, dozens of social accounts between personal and professional life, and 100% overwhelm...

It was at this make-or-break point that digital marketer and business owner Irene Williams developed a system to declutter, organize, and manage her digital life. The solutions she created immediately improved her day-to-day productivity and peacefulness and, long-term, proved to be effective and sustainable.

Now, Irene is bringing her system to the world through content, coaching, and an online course: Declutter Your Digital Life. The course addresses all aspects of digital life: email, social, phone use, photos, files—even virtual meetings. Her practical approaches get to the heart—and mind—of the matter so you can experience lasting change and gain translatable skills to help in other areas of life (e.g. - bye forever, extra 20 lbs!).

Beyond her passion for helping people cut the clutter and get to what really matters, Irene continues to lead client accounts through her digital marketing firm, Msg2Mkt, LLC, speaks at national conferences, and is an author and contributing writer for trade publications."

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