God And My Girlfriends

Your Best Next Step w/Brandi Wilson

September 20, 2021 Marcia Ramirez Season 2 Episode 3
God And My Girlfriends
Your Best Next Step w/Brandi Wilson
Show Notes

This week, host Marcia Ramirez talks with author, speaker and coach, Brandi Wilson about navigating life's unexpected turns, and learning how to move forward when you feel "stuck". 

About Brandi:
Brandi Wilson is an author and speaker who for the past 20 years has helped women and their families navigate the ups and downs of everyday life. She loves helping single moms learn how to show up fully for themselves so they can show up fully for their kids. She’s helped start two churches, the most recent being Cross Point Church, where she learned how important it is as a leader to know your truth and speak it. Her work now aims at helping women develop emotional and mental health so they live a life of freedom and confidence. Her own journey has taught her the power of that very skill. 

To connect with Brandi:

Instagram: @lovebrandiwilson

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrandiWheelerWilson

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